Vengeance Flextone FLX50 Professional Electronic Predator Caller

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The Flextone FLX50 is the perfect electronic predator caller for hunting in the UK, packed with 50 assorted calls, for both USA and European hunting, providing directional calling, activated by a trigger mechanism providing crystal clear high definition calling, at a remarkable price.
Small, compact and lightweight, the new FLX50 from Flextone is a professional level hand held predator caller which comes complete with 50 pre installed categorised calls providing everything from predator calls, through to deer, crow and bird calls.
Providing HD sound, with a fully controllable volume level and trigger deployment the FLX50 offers perfect directional calling from long to short range, instantly capable of changing calls from a mouse squeak to a rabbit distress call.
Calls included: (50 in total of each)
Bird, Bobcat, Coyote, Crow, Fox, Wild Boar/Hog, Mouse, Owl, Rabbit, Squirrel and Deer.